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5 Reasons Discworld Is the Wildest Place Ever

For a good time, call Discworld. The world isn’t round Magic is real, and realistic Narrative causality Gods are real, except when nobody’s looking It will drive you insane




The sun goes down upon the Ankh, And slowly, softly fades- Across the Drum; the Royal Bank; The River-Gate; the Shades. A stony circle's closed to elves; And here, where lines are blurred, Between the stacks of books on shelves, A quiet 'Ook' is heard. A copper steps the city-street On paths he's often passed; The final march; the final beat; The time to rest at last. He gives his badge a final shine, And sadly shakes his head- While Granny lies beneath a sign That says: 'I aten't dead.' The Luggage shifts in sleep and dreams; It's now. The time's at hand. For where it's always night, it seems, A timer clears of sand. And so it is that Death arrives, When all the time has gone... But dreams endure, and hope survives, And Discworld carries on.